It’s Thursday night and Drag Race is back baby!!! Even though it’s only been four weeks since All Stars 6 finished (woop woop Kylie!!), and it’s only another two until Drag Race Canada starts, we’ve missed our weekly drag race fix. And it only makes sense that Eve and I, two people who have absolutely no drag experience, share our opinions on this season of DRUK. Disclaimer: we absolutely mean no hate to any of the queens, they could step on us and we’d say thank you. But we have thoughts and feelings we would like to share, and also give our friends a break from hearing about it constantly (although if they don’t read this I am going to be upset). 

Episode 1:

Best entrance (Eve and I both agree on this) was Victoria Scone. HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCONED. Ok, absolutely iconic, and the look was gorgeous. A couple of honourable mentions go to: Choriza May, Scarlett Harlett, and Ella Vaday (also I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t get the joke of her name until her entrance, even though we had been talking about her before). Will get to back to you on which entrance line Eve starts to quote the most (shout out to Joey Jay’s “filler queen!”). 

In the mini challenge, Choriza May fucking killed it (“and I don’t even speak the language!”). Veronica Green, on the other hand, did not. It was slightly painful to watch, and we’re worried that Miss Green is going fall victim to the pressure of coming back a second time and not performing her best. We hold out hope. Also! Why does Rupaul pronounce Victoria Scone’s name wrong? I know that’s the American way of pronouncing scone, but it’s literally her name, you can change the way you pronounce it to correctly say her name. 

Moving onto the runway, and we love a hometown queen theme. Feels a little sad that the first challenge is them getting judged on the things they brought with them, rather than anything they can actually do while there. But two runway looks is always a good time. Immediate highlight is Ella Vaday. The Dagenham look, the pride progress flag – incredible, show-stopping. Obviously, Ella is an Eve favourite, but this is a surprise to no one because she always goes for the perfectionist queens (see: Jan, Rosé, Jackie Cox). Although what is a surprise is Choriza May! Both her looks were gorgeous, I really loved her second one particularly. River Medway’s first look was great too – obsessed with the traffic cone hair, and the pointing, and Ru killing himself laughing. Shout out to the sound design guy for putting in the little ding at every point – really made the joke. The lowlights of the runway; Krystal Versace – nothing necessarily wrong with her looks but we’re just not vibing with her. Veronica Green was a disappointment too, especially knowing with how well she can (and has) done in the past. Kitty Scott Claus was also just kind of underwhelming.

As usual, the judging was unusual, and obviously Eve and I’s opinions are more correct that Rupaul’s. CHORIZA MAY AND ELLA VADAY SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOP TWO. Both of their looks were so good, and as much as I already love Scarlett Harlett, she should have just been safe. Also, weird decision to have Victoria and Krystal lip-sync for the win, and upset that Krystal won (but skinny white queens always come out on top don’t they). On the other hand, we SCREAMED when River Medway was safe in the bottom three – we’re incredibly invested already. Eve had called that Anubis would be the first to go home (sorry to Ross Walker). Overall, a great first episode!

Episode 2:

The competition has begun! Bubbling up, boiling over and creating a hole in the floor, or whatever it was that Scarlett Harlett said in her confessional. It’s a new day in the workroom and Krystal Versace, cocky off her first win, was not really doing herself any favours in her mini challenge. Making a fat joke to Victoria Scone was not it, and it was decidedly unoriginal to give Veronica Green the out-of-date title (but maybe not entirely untrue).  

It was an interesting main challenge to say the least. The team groupings were fun, but it’s still too early in the season to really figure out who works well together. However, can we say thank you to the Drag Race producers for getting OTI MABUSE on as guest judge and choreographer!!! Eve’s highlight of the episode was Victoria flirting with Oti, as it should be (we love women). Rehearsal was a little rough, a lot of the queens were struggling to keep up. We also have mention (and then immediately move on from) Veronica’s leotard, and her sock and heels combo. The challenge as a whole felt a little disjointed and chaotic, but we have to give credit where credit is due – Kitty Scott Claus was our favourite! River was also great, but we are most definitely biased (we also do not appreciate River getting the Tia Kofi basic treatment). Ella Vaday and Veronica were solid too – but that was not really a surprise. Elektra Fence and Charity Kase were definitely having the worst go of it but in completely opposite directions.

The talk that the girls had in the workroom was really heart-aching, opening up about their body insecurities. Krystal needed to be called out on her shitty fat joke. Victoria Scone, we love you <3. Vanity Milan we love you too <3! 

Runway time! Red Carpet Showstoppers is a theme that could really go in any direction, and we will give our unsolicited opinions. Eve’s favourite was (unfortunately) Krystal Versace. I mean the green, the tits! My favourite had to be Choriza May, absolutely gorgeous. Veronica redeemed herself this week on the runway, and hats off to Victoria for walking it in Choriza’s sneakers. Of course, I have to give a shout out to my girl Scarlett Harlett – yes maybe the dress was a little basic but she was stunning. She’s also skinny I could snap her in half like a twig. Another completely unbiased opinion is that River’s look was incredible. Lowlights on the runway (shockingly we are actually in agreement with Rupaul here) were Elektra and Charity. Not sure what Elektra was thinking with that dress, and loved the orange of it all of Charity’s but something was off.

KITTY SCOTT CLAUS SHOULD HAVE WON. It was a choice to give Krystal her second win in as many weeks, but alright. Ella Vaday is also getting the safe edit, and Eve is getting Jan flashbacks (is it going to be pretty girl placement for her too?). Vanity really should not have been in the bottom two, but she did give one hell of a lip-sync. So did Elektra (it was almost maniacal), but alas she had to sashay away. We are very, incredibly, extremely worried about Victoria Scone getting Eureka’d. The only good thing that would come of her leaving is getting another season of her, but we want her in this season. Praying for her knee to heal!! 

Our predictions for the rest of the season:

Least favourite queens: Krystal Versace and Charity Kase. We’re getting bad vibes from both of them, and Krystal has done nothing to prove us wrong yet. 

Favourite queens: Scarlett Harlett (I’m obsessed with her already, and think she’s going to be the narrator of the season), Victoria Scone, River Medway, Ella Vaday, and Choriza May.

Eve’s top 3: Ella Vaday, Kitty Scott Claus, Krystal Versace.

Lou’s top 3: Kitty Scott Claus, Scarlett Harlett, Krystal Versace (because we have little faith in Rupaul). 

Miss Congeniality (however unofficial it is): River Medway <3

We are ecstatic that DRUK is back, but it’s got a lot of live up to after season 2. But from these two episodes, we are fucking excited for this season. Thursday nights are going to be a good fun time! We love drag and just want to talk about it as much as possible, so please strap in for our subpar and incredibly amateur opinions each week.


xoxo Lou (and Eve)