Welcome to The Record – News that is totally groovy (if it were a person it would only ever wear disco ball earrings).

I’m Lauren (she/her) and I am editor for the Record for 2023-4 and I am so happy you are here! I love cooking and funky jazz and absolutely believe capes will come back into fashion (trust me the hunch will be real). I enjoy writing relatable posts about changes, music, recipes, and reviews and will almost always be able to bring my love for my cat into whatever I write.

The Record is a space for people to write about their passions and interests, if you care about it we deem it newsworthy and we think our readers agree! So, whether you are new to writing or an experience champ why not try out writing for the coolest online magazine St Andrews has to offer (I am just going to claim that).

I hope you enjoy looking around our website and making the space yours – for the record we think it’s pretty fab.