Motivation on a Monday Evening

Motivation on a Monday Evening

With the sun setting at 4 pm, exams right around the corner, and break seeming so close yet so far away make sure to give yourself a break and still prioritize your mental health! I say this because in the midst of my deadlines as well as other writers we’ve unfortunately not published much this month. So today I bring you a few song suggestions, self-care tips, and motivational quotes that will hopefully bring you a bit of sanity. 

Songs with a good vibe to throw on during your walk to the library 

  • Take Me Where Your Heart Is: Q 
  • Music Sounds Better with You: NEIL FRANCES 
  • Kilby Girl: The Backseat Lovers 
  • Marigold: Jelani Aryeh 
  • Love & War in Your Twenties

Songs if you really need to just cry in preparation for what tomorrow holds 

  • Obviously Taylor Swift’s 10 minute version of All Too Well 
  • Glue Myself Shut: Noah Khan 
  • Missing Home: Flora Cash 
  • All the Pretty Girls: KALEO 

Self Care Tips 

  • Unarguably go sit on a patch of grass somewhere and watch these gorgeous sunsets we are having (I don’t care everyone is posting it) put your phone down and soak in the beauty 
  • Switch up your study spot, hit the old course for an overpriced but delicious latte and enjoy the view. The library can feel like jail – you deserve to not feel like you’re in jail 
  • I know the pret coffee subscription seemingly justifies drinking 12 coffees a day but seriously pour yourself a glass of water or more like 5 AND DRINK IT!! (I need to take my own advice on this one) 
  • Go to bed earlier at least one night this week, just one, it may help cure you from the hit you took from the all nighters 
  • A drink may sound nice after a long day but maybe throw on the kettle and drink some chamomile tea one night — you’ll thank yourself in the morning 

If you’re not a quote person I understand but these are a few that always get me through a tough day 

–  “Your body hears everything your mind says” – be kind to yourself even if that essay is late, positive self-talk is key and if you’re not feeling too positive, fake it till you make it  

– “You will never have this day again, so make it count” – even the days where you don’t leave the library try to do one thing that makes you happy each day, maybe that’s cooking your favorite dinner (or deliveroo it) 

– “ Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – there is only one you, stop comparing yourself to anyone else and just do what you can

Best of luck with final pieces of coursework, exams, and whatever else you may have to get done, you can do it. 


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