Eve and Lou Ruview – Drag Race UK episode 4 and 5

Eve and Lou Ruview – Drag Race UK episode 4 and 5

Episode 4

It’s episode four, and you know what that means…GIRL GROUP CHALLENGE!!! It’s got a lot to live up to from last season and the iconic UK Hun? 

Following her win last week, Scarlett Harlett gets to be team captain, and so does Vanity Milan after winning another lip-sync. Scarlett choses Kitty Scott Claus, Charity Kase, and Krystal Versace, forming the Slice Girls. Vanity picks Ella Vaday, River Medway, and Choriza May, creating Pick N Mix. It’s absolutely criminal that Choriza was chosen last, but we move. Because nothing is ever simple in Drag Race, we’ve got two versions of the song Big Drag Energy. Scarlett pulls the obvious move and chooses the upbeat pop version, leaving Pick N Mix with the mid-tempo power ballad. If there ever was an opportunity for an underdog storyline, this episode was it! 

Whenever the queens have to record songs it stressed me right out – the producers always put in the worst bits of the session and then I’m worried that they’ve completely messed up. Both groups recording sessions were a bit rough to watch – particularly with Ella trained singer Vaday not having an easy time. During their choreography time, the cracks in Slice Girls game plan were on full display. Scarlett, you’re asking yourself, Krystal and Charity, all known bad dancers, to try and keep up with the pop song? A choice to say the least. Kitty was truly carrying the team. With no one immediately stepping up to take the lead during Pick N Mix’s choreo time, was also stress city for me.  

Performance time! Slice Girls – a certified disaster!! Kitty killed it, as we knew she would, but other than that it was sure something. Scarlett, my girl, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? Seeing her completely mess up on stage was terrible, awful, and every other adjective you can think of. And she knew it too :(. Krystal’s verse sounded like a parody of a drag race song verse – it could have been written by a robot. The song itself, BDE, was not that great. 

Pick n Mix PULLED THROUGH!! The outfits, the choreo, the verse, were so good! River and Choriza’s verse particular were our favourites. The chest bumps!!! Even if we didn’t love the song as much as Break Up (Bye Bye) or UK Hun, this version’s chorus coupled with the dance has been stuck in our heads (this could also be because its living on my fyp rent free). 

The runway theme this week was Night of a Thousand Spice Girls. Once again, to our dismay, Krystal pulls out an amazing outfit, and once again snags the honour of Eve’s favourite look of the week. My favourite look goes to River! Honourable mention goes to Eve’s girl Ella Vaday, she looked stunning and extra creds for being the only Sporty Spice of the runway. Scarlett struggled on the runway again, the nerves from the performance obviously leaking over. Kitty’s baby spice look was cute, but underwhelming – although she met Emma Bunton so I don’t think anything we say can bring her down from that high. Charity’s outfit was clearly well crafted and well done, but we agree with the judges (shock and horror!) that it didn’t really read as spice girls. I think what Charity tries to do just doesn’t gel with what the judges are looking for – for better or worse. 

Pick N Mix get the win!! The girls really deserved that one, and we’re absolutely buzzing that Vanity, Ella, River, and Choriza have that first win under their belt now. Charity and Scarlett faced off in the lip-sync, and I hate to admit it but Charity won that one. Eve in her infinite drag race wisdom (or drag race psychic abilities) called it would be a double shantay, however I was watching that completely certain my girl Scarlett was going home. While it feels a bit early in the season for a double save, I’m not going to lodge any complaints here. 

Episode 5

WE’RE HALFWAY THROUGH GIRLS!!! And what a dramatic episode this one was, and we sure do have lots of opinions about it. Let’s get into it. 

Starting with the mini challenge – RuPaul’s Dog Race. Immediately getting into some drama, Charity Kase ditches Scarlett Harlett to pair up with Kitty Scott Claus instead, leaving a mugged off Scarlett with Krystal Versace. In a surprising turn of events, Krystal was actually funny, channelling Real Housewives energy and snagging them the win – and team captain positions for the main challenge. 

The queens had to create commercials for Draglexa – a pretty standard challenge for drag race. In Team Scarlett we’ve got Kitty, Ella Vaday and Choriza May, and Team Krystal is Vanity Milan, River Medway, and Charity. The premise is simple, we know to what to expect out of these challenges and so should the queens. Things did not go to plan. 

Out of the gate, Charity steps up as a leader over Krystal and has to ask the girls to stick around and help her write the script instead of getting ready. Scarlett’s team isn’t getting each other’s joke references. Even when they were filming their commercials, Michelle was not impressed. Nothing about this bode well for them. 

The airing of the commercials was definitely something. The cut away from the end of Team Scarlett’s to the judges sat in silence was pure comedy. Eve and I didn’t think the commercials were bad, just predictable. And no one really did stand out – although shout out to River for doing the most with the least amount of screen time in hers. Scarlett’s team was slightly better in our opinions, and not at all because most of our favourite queens were in that group. I guess we do have to give Ru some credit for admitting that she didn’t go through their storyboards during the walkthrough.  

The runway this week was Expensive, and HANDS DOWN the best look was River. Eve and I didn’t even have to think about this. She looked fucking incredible, the best she’s looked all season!! Please please please pull out more looks on the same level as this one, it was absolutely show-stopping. Kitty’s was also gorgeous, and in anther surprising turn of events Krystal was kind of a let-down. 

With no winner this week, Ru asked who should be going home this week with Scarlett and Charity getting the most votes. Scarlett had a bit of a breakdown, storming out of Untucked. I could be wrong, but I’m sensing a villain arc for my girl, and I think that could be fun. Lip-Sync REMATCH smack-down between Scarlett and Charity, and I’m happy to report that Scarlett absolutely murdered it this week. Such a redemption from last week’s boring one. She bodied it this week – the outfit, the facial expressions, the moves! Extremely satisfying to watch.

Next week is Snatch Game!!! We’re hyped, and hoping for some new iconic moments to quote non-stop (the nipples are the eyes of the face).