Sitara Charity Fashion Show: In Review

Sitara Charity Fashion Show: In Review

There’s a lot of talk about fashion around February in St Andrews, and the amount of fashion shows that happen within the season. It can be a bit overwhelming to look through them all, but after sifting through, there was one that stood out to me: Sitara. 


Their website promised that they could transverse the world, exploring the cultures and beauties that make up the world not only through fashion, but also through music, dance, and art. The fashion show was being held in support of UNICEF and Southeast and East Asian Centre, and featured the work of a number of designers of Asian heritage, in what can only be described as a celebration of the wide and varied cultures of the continent. 


When the show finally rolled around, it managed to deliver on all their promises, and the catwalk was nothing short of magical. The event was held in Falside Mill, a small and cosy venue just outside of St Andrews, with buses running ticket-holders from South Street to the venue and back. The VIPs were greeted with a champagne reception, and the bars provided quick and friendly service, though the drinks were admittedly a bit pricey compared to other events in St Andrews. However, Falside Mill was the perfect venue for an event like this, and even though it felt like there wasn’t a bad view of the stage, the VIP section enjoyed an especially clear view. 


The carefully crafted fashion portrayed a fantastic mix between traditional clothing from countries across the continent, as well as providing a more modern street style. Some pieces felt like they were pulled from the near future: a shimmering display of metallics and futuristic fashion. There was also a showcase of lingerie during the second part of the show, which notably got the most vocal reaction from the crowd. The music provided by A.K.A Prince added to the atmosphere that built up throughout both acts. Models walked across the stage to a number of dance and electronic tracks, alongside mixes of crowd pleasers such as Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ and The Weekend’s ‘Starboy’, exciting the crowd as the show progressed. A cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young and Beautiful’ brought the first act to a close in a moment which gracefully complemented the outfits being showcased.


Three dance performances were shown throughout the night, one in the first set and two in the second, which managed to enhance the overall experience of the show. This really brought home the way that Sitara stands apart from the crowd. The stylistically diverse performances allowed the different clothing styles to mesh well together, constructing a narrative which challenges the viewer’s perception of what fashion means, and how clothing interacts with other art mediums.


The show exemplified Sitara’s focus on Kala, a Sanskrit term meaning time, faith, destiny or death. Kala ties into the origins of the show, celebrating the interplay of culture and fashion. Sitara asks the question of what Art and Culture means for the viewer, combining fashion and live performances to explore how our lives are impacted by our understanding of the world. The Sitara Charity Fashion Show explored the facts of the world that seem inevitable, as well as the idea of how we respond to them. 


A victory lap was enjoyed by the team who brought the show to life, and it was well deserved. Splashing bottles of champagne over the crowd, the success of their event was made clear to all. The show truly was a transformative experience, and every element from the performances to their partnership with luxury fashion platform VIOU felt impactful and important to the success of the event.


It’s definitely a one of a kind event here in St Andrews, and its ability to transcend the boundaries of what a fashion show is typically perceived, makes it a must-see.