Eve and Lou Ruview: Drag Race UK episode 3

Eve and Lou Ruview: Drag Race UK episode 3

It’s (already!) episode three and the competition is heating up. And by that, I mean 2 queens were sent home this week. Starting on a sad note, Victoria Scone had to exit the competition. I’m not ashamed to admit that I did tear up, even though I knew it was going to happen, it was too big a storyline for it not to.  Although, if we’re going by what happened to Eureka, Victoria will be back next season, make it to the top 4, and then appear on an All-Stars season.

The mini challenge – getting in quick “straight” boy drag and acting out a fake dating app profile – was a fun one. It also clearly separates those who are good at comedy, and those who very much aren’t (cough cough Krystal Versace). Obsessed with when drag queens imitate straight guys because they’re never wrong about how they act. I’m also obsessed with Kitty Scott Claus’ reference to Miss Congeniality, and the fact that Scarlett Harlett WON the mini challenge. She was hands down the best, the others were no competition for her here. We would like to see a comedy/acting challenge soon because some of these girls would kill it.

Charity Kase’s talk in the werkroom about her HIV was really touching and heart-wrenching, and incredibly important. These bonding scenes between the girls really show how much they love and support each other. Shout out to Nicola Coughlan as guest judging this week! Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, never been done before, she is the moment. As Eve sent me in a voice note: Ladies and gentlemen, her. What else can we say?

The main challenge this week had the queens doing (another!) two look runway, which we always love, and coupled with a design challenge, what more could we ask for? Kudos to these girls for making an entire outfit out of camping supplies, I would simply pass away due to the sheer stress of that. The first look had quite a few Girl Guides references, and again hate to admit that I really loved Krystal’s (unfortunate that Kitty had to come out straight after her when they could easily get compared). Charity’s murderous girl guide bunny is going to haunt my nightmares but I’m pretty sure that was her intention so job well done. Veronica’s camping look I think went straight over Ru and Michelle’s head – another instance where they don’t really understand UK references and it fucks with the critiques.

Speaking of the critiques, in the words of Eve, absolute riggery and robbery that Choriza May was in the bottom three this week. The only blessing that gave us was she could tell her villain origin story and again we’re obsessed with everything that comes out of her mouth. Also, in our completely unbiased and professional opinions, River should have been top this week! Her first look was so cool, and her flight attendant second look was gorgeous, and the fact that she scrapped her first look and then made that, incredible. Sorry to Ella, but she really only should’ve been safe this week, particularly since the judges didn’t really give her good critiques for being top 3? Krystal, unsurprisingly, was in the top (her 2nd look was very reminiscent of one of Aquaria’s looks in season 10), however she did not win for a third time. SCARLETT HARLETT WON!!! I said that’s my baby and I’m so proud. Her dress was so stunning, she looked incredible (it’s giving Cher), and really deserved to win. And both a mini and a maxi challenge in the same episode! A clean sweep for her this week!

Vanity Milan and Veronica Green had to lipsync this week, and it was Veronica’s time to go. As terrible as it sounds, her breaking down on the runway felt like a goodbye. Drag Race gets the queens to speak about really personal hardships on such a huge platform and often sends them home right after (remember Blair St Clair?). I truly hope there is some sort of mental health support on set, because it cannot be easy for them. We truly hope Veronica is doing better now, and after two appearances on Drag Race her should have opportunities coming at her from all angles.

Looking to next week, we’ve got a girl group challenge ahead!! Extremely excited for that, and even more so to seeing the songs on Eve’s Spotify’s top tracks of the month.

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